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Social Advertising

It is increasingly challenging to reach your envisaged target group on social media with organic content. You need to advertise if you wish to find them on Facebook or Instagram, for example. But there are various ways of creating target groups on social media.

Facebook has a lot of user information. As an advertiser, you can create truly specific target groups with this information. Retargeting advertising audiences based on mail addresses of website visits is an interesting approach. Instagram, a mobile platform, is hugely popular among the youth of today and ideally suited to reach out to that audience. Instagram is part of Facebook, facilitating engagement of the same specific target groups.

But the tech giants of this world are not standing still. Almost every month, they launch new advertising modules on their platforms. Our team is well abreast of the latest developments, meaning we can provide reliable and topical advice. Nubis is also highly experienced in advertising on other social media channels such as Twitter and YouTube.

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