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Health Checks

Being the biggest online channel in terms of cost as well as revenue, Google Ads is paramount to the performance of your business. Yet, advertisers often make mistakes. Even the pros sometimes get lost in the day-to-day mayhem, and costly mistakes are made easily in PPC. Research shows that between 25% and 61% of PPC spend is wasted and only 10% of accounts are consistently optimized. You’re sure that doesn’t happen to your accounts.

Or does it?

Audits are reactive. Introducing Health Checks for Search & Shopping accounts.

Audits are often performed when the ship has sailed. When cost is up and performance is down. However, you want to stay ahead of your competition instead of playing catch up. You consistently want your search accounts to be among the best. That’s why we sunsetted audits and doubled down on Health Checks. A health check is an independent and ongoing analysis of your accounts. We don’t have a hidden agenda to win your PPC business, we are here to work together with your team to make sure your search accounts continuously outperform those of your competition. Because the world of PPC is always moving, they’re not designed as a one-time thing but an ongoing collaboration to stay ahead of the game.

Our Health Checks consist of more than 100 checks, from the absolute, albeit essential, basics (are conversions being tracked?) to esoteric checks like query mapping and Lin-Rodnitzky ratios. We cover search and shopping campaigns and have done so for multi-billion dollar businesses as well as the grocer around the corner. Among the inconsistencies in their accounts we find one consistency, there’s always room for improvement.

Are you interested in an independent an in-depth analysis of your PPC accounts? Feel free to contact us.