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Odyssey is an affiliate attribution solution that measures the incremental value of your partners. It was developed in cooperation with adidas from a growing need to restructure the adidas affiliate programme. To support this process, we came up with a data analysis method that can determine the incremental value for each affiliate partner based on its contribution to the entire customer journey.

Our main goal with Odyssey is to bring transparency to the performance marketing industry. With our focus on facts instead of assumptions, our independence and our transparency - we are not a 'black box' with results that are difficult to explain - we are changing the face of affiliate incrementality.

Odyssey works with both historical and real-time data from all marketing channels (including e-mail campaigns, SEA and individual partners) so that we can accurately portray the entire customer journey. We aggregate these journeys on your traffic source – every website and partner that sends traffic to your site – and extract our three KPIs from them: average customer journey length, traffic source density and average position in the customer journey. Odyssey indicates a 'suggested commission' for every traffic source. This proposed commission enables a marketeer to judge a traffic source on its actual incremental value. In this way, the most valuable traffic sources can be rewarded, while those that are not adding any value (or even making a negative contribution!) can be motivated with clear metrics.

Starting in early 2018, Odyssey licenses are widely available (see for more information).