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In the summer of 2015, adidas asked us to use our experience in affiliate marketing to restructure its affiliate programme in the United States. We reduced the programme from over 2,000 affiliates to a top 25, because we saw that the top 25 were responsible for 97 percent of adidas' affiliate revenue. We divided the programme into various affiliate categories, each with its own specific commission structure. Our focus here was on affiliates able to demonstrate they were active at the start of the customer journey and therefore led to new adidas sales. This as opposed to so-called coupon , cashback or deal sites that are mostly active at the end of the customer journey. We suspected that adidas would generate those sales either way, even without affiliates. This proved to be the case based on sales figures, and adidas is currently saving considerably on unnecessary commissions.

In 2017, together with our own developers, we created a tool that can show the added value per affiliate, based on its contribution to the customer journey as a whole.