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Lars is sharing his traineeship experience at Nubis

Nubis offers motivated and talented graduates the opportunity to take part in our in-house traineeship to become an online marketeer. During a period of 16 weeks, trainees are prepared to either start working at Nubis or to be externally detached to one of the organizations in our network. Among others, these organizations include Starcom, Adidas, Havas, Zenith, or TNT.

After completing the Nubis Online Marketing Traineeship, Lars (24) currently works as a Digital Consultant at Starcom. Below, he shares his experiences about the traineeship in a short interview.

How did you end up at Nubis?

I have a degree in Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. During my degree I realised I lacked practical online marketing knowledge. At that point, a friend told me Nubis was offering free lectures at VU Amsterdam. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to expand my online marketing knowledge, as well as to acquire a skill set that would be interesting for potential employers.

After attending various lectures by Nubis, I was offered the chance to apply for the traineeship. As I had learned so much during the lectures, I expected to learn a lot more during the traineeship.

How was the traineeship organized?

Throughout the traineeship, I was primarily working in search and social advertising. I became acquainted with systems like Google Adwords and Facebook Business Manager. In addition, I was offered time and guidance into acquiring all necessary Google certifications

Can you describe your experience working for Nubis?

Despite the fact I finished the traineeship in two months, I acquired a great amount of knowledge during this time. On top of that, I made a lot of new friends that I still see regularly.

What’s the most important thing you have learned throughout your time as a trainee?

During the traineeship, you get accustomed with the organization and her customers. This teaches you a lot about how to engage with customers, the projects, and how to effectively shift between these projects. Additionally, I gained a great amount of practical knowledge on the various systems (Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager etc.). In particular, effectively handling various projects and customers has proven to be highly beneficial for my current position.

What is your current function?

Currently, I work as a Digital Consultant for Starcom. Together with my team members we provide brand like Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep with advice on their digital strategy. Consequently, we make sure these campaigns run smoothly, after which we evaluate the digital campaigns.

Can you describe the traineeship in three words?

Educational, sociable, forthright