Nubis is a digital agency in the broadest possible sense. Discover what we can do for you!

Web &
app development

We specialise in developing online campaigns, social media solutions and mobile applications under the banner of ‘Code Orange’.

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animation & copy

At Nubis, innovation, strategy and development come together as one. We deliver unparalleled solutions that guarantee your product, service or message gets the focused attention it deserves. We establish the strategies, devise the concepts, and design and create the content that makes a difference

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Search &

Online visibility is crucial. Which is why search engine marketing for organic and paid traffic is so important. Nubis works with you to develop the right strategy for your business.

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advertising & RTB

New technology allows agencies and advertisers to implement ever improved results-driven display campaigns. Nubis considers display advertising the optimal channel in supporting push marketing strategies and objectives, as they enable you to reach the right profiles on the right devices at exactly the right moment in your customer’s journey.

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Facebook &
Instagram advertisements

To access your targeted Facebook and Instagram audience, you must advertise. There are several ways to create target groups within these platforms, such as the creation of advertising target groups based on email addresses or website visits (retargeting) for example.

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Online communities are active 24/7. This means that your brand must be able to react as quickly as possible. Our highly experienced and dedicated community managers are available to respond to online enquiries on your behalf, both inside and outside regular office hours.

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